Kai has a strong interest in technology, development, design and society. He is an analytic thinker and solution oriented problem solver with an eye for the detail. Starting in the advertising industry, he is a bachelor in digital media and a Zend Certified Engineer. He worked for several years as a full stack developer in an agency before he moved to berlin and worked as a senior developer and team lead for a successful e-commerce startup.
  • @kcmueller 09.11.2017
    When merging two multi dimensional arrays in PHP, array_merge_recursive() is the way to go. But is has one flaw:
    PHP, Php Development, Arrays, Programming, Programming Languages
  • @kcmueller 12.09.2017
    In my company we are using GitHub to manage our branches. Normally a branch is deleted manually on GitHub a few months after it was merged…
    Git, Shell, Cli
  • @kcmueller 09.08.2017
    It took me some time to figure out how to fill out a jQuery Select2 dropdown during acceptance testing. The search box is not connected to…
    JavaScript, Codeception, Testing, Jquery
  • @kcmueller 22.07.2017
    Note: This tutorial gives an example on how to migrate mailboxes from one server to another and can be applied not only to Plesk but any…
    Email, Plesk, Administration, Migration
  • @kcmueller 22.07.2017
    This article is about automatically filling out web forms with data from a CSV file using Selenium and Firefox Browser. The example script…
    Selenium, Automation, Firefox, Plesk, Organization
  • @kcmueller 07.02.2017
    You can update the PHP installation with just a one line command from your terminal. Head to this page for more info:
    PHP, Programming
  • @kcmueller 05.02.2017
    I wrote a small PHP library for fetching the latest posts from a Medium.com feed. I use it to show the posts on my personal web profile.
    PHP, Medium
  • @kcmueller 03.02.2017
    There are so many tools out there to keep yourself organized and store information — like Evernote, Google Keep, Simplenote, OneNote, etc…
    Evernote, File Management, Organization, Knowledge Management, Self Organization
  • @kcmueller 25.01.2017
    The following command helped me to search through a very large log file and find matching entries using a regular expression
    Regex, Programming, PHP, Snippet
  • @kcmueller 21.01.2017
    Searching for a decorative, yet not too expensive solution to cover up the lightbulbs hanging from my ceiling, I came across a shop for…
    Lighting, Interior Design, DIY, How To, Ideas